individual sitting by spilled pills in need of an opiate addiction treatment centerWith the country in the middle of an opiate addiction crisis, opiate overdoses continue to increase. In fact, more than 130 people have fatal overdoses from taking opiates each day. Opiates, which include heroin, prescription pain relievers and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, are highly addictive. However, there is opiate addiction treatment available to help you overcome addiction. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we provide individualized treatment plans that incorporate a range of evidence-based and holistic services.

Our opiate addiction treatment center is a safe environment where you can seek treatment in a residential setting. Our staff is compassionate and understanding, with experience offering guidance and support during your recovery process. As a patient at Caseyville, you also become part of our strong recovery community. This includes an extensive network of support once you graduate from our treatment programs.

Signs of an Opiate Addiction

Since opiates are highly addictive, even if they are taking them for chronic pain, you are at risk of addiction. According to the CDC, an estimated one in four patients who are receiving long-term opiate prescriptions deal with addiction. And as you abuse opiates, your tolerance increases. This means you need higher doses to feel the pain relief and other pleasurable feelings. You also become physically dependent on opiates and begin experiencing cravings. Quitting is very difficult because you experience withdrawal symptoms and easily give in to using again. When you participate in Caseyville’s opiate addiction treatment, you begin to gather the tools necessary for your journey to recovery.

Addiction to opiates also means a high risk of fatal overdose. Because opiates extremely slow down your breathing, you can fall into a coma and die. While there are medications to reverse this in emergencies, the only way to truly recover is by checking into an opiate addiction treatment center.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

At Caseyville, we provide a comprehensive opiate addiction treatment that focuses on the whole individual. We have a range of services at our disposal to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. As part of our strong recovery community, you get to work with, learn from and share your experiences with other patients. At Caseyville, we also offer gender-specific programs because we know that men and women experience addiction in different ways. In our residential program, you work on recovery without interruptions and have constant access to support from our medical professionals.

Because Gateway Foundation’s philosophy is that addiction is a lifelong disease, we know how difficult it is to overcome addiction. Therefore, we also try to prepare you to face the challenges and stressors that might lead to relapse. However, at our opioid addiction treatment center, we also know that relapse is sometimes part of the process. We stand by you as you work towards focusing on recovery at our opiate addiction treatment center.

Services That Help You Succeed

Caseyville’s opiate addiction treatment revolves around evidence-based services that are supported by scientific research. With 50 years of experience helping over a million people, Gateway Foundation offers treatment that successfully meets all your needs. Through individual and group therapy, you explore factors that led you to addiction and learn ways to cope with stressors. You also begin to plan for a sober, successful future. Our substance abuse treatment programs include services such as:

Concern about finances should not get in the way of your access to our opiate addiction treatment center. Because we believe everyone should have the right to treatment, we accept in and out of network insurance coverage.

If you want to break the hold an opiate addiction has on your life, become a part of Caseyville’s opiate addiction treatment by calling us at 618.345.3970 to begin the process of recovery.