Cocaine stimulates your central nervous system, leading you down a long path to addiction. This stimulant makes you feel upbeat, attractive, social and energetic when you use it. But with each use, your sober life falls apart more and more. When you find yourself ready to get help and end the maddening cycle, you need help from a cocaine addiction treatment center.

About the Cocaine High

man talking in group therapy at a cocaine addiction treatment center.Cocaine is sold in a powder or as crystalline rocks known as rock cocaine or crack. People who abuse the drug snort, eat or smoke it. Few know the true risks of this “party drug,” one abused to make you feel more social and magnetic. But it brings many types of effects, impacting your life in a very negative way.

Once cocaine enters your bloodstream, it changes the chemistry of your brain. Your brain triggers the release of large amounts of dopamine, the natural pleasure chemical. This dopamine burst creates a bigger boost of pleasure and euphoria through the drug’s high than you receive from natural activities. The drug also prevents your brain from recycling the dopamine, making your high feelings last longer.

But these unnatural changes are abnormal. Your brain adjusts to them but starts building some immunity to your high over time. At some point, you reach tolerance. This phase toward drug addiction makes you need more and more of the drug to feel its earlier effects.

Long-term use also desensitizes you to natural happiness, making your life without cocaine feel empty, boring and lonely. So you keep going back to the drug for its high. This creates the cycle of drug buying and drug using, a cycle only broken through help from a cocaine addiction treatment center.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center Help

Knowing you or your loved one need help from a cocaine addiction treatment center is a big step forward in life. That is, you stop thinking the problem will resolve itself. You see the addiction and know this means something in your life broke. You tried to treat that broken part of yourself through cocaine, but only find yourself further down a dark path.

Realizing your loved one suffers a cocaine addiction is difficult. You notice they seem to have more energy than usual. You also sense an edge to that energy that feels strange. You possibly notice they are frantic, even manic. They talk for an extended period about wild ideas and show little impulse control.

Sometimes you or your loved one using cocaine try to stop using it. This clear sign of needing help leads you into withdrawal symptoms. Most people start feeling these ill effects and go right back to their drug. They find it easier to forget about sobriety for the time being and do what it takes to feel better.

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include:

  • Agitation and aggression
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Sedation with disturbed sleep
  • Increased appetite
  • Anxiety and fear

If your loved one shows these symptoms and then suddenly appears with higher energy and in a euphoric state, they likely abuse cocaine. Their only way out of this addiction cycle is through qualified help at a cocaine addiction treatment center.

Talk to your loved one about their need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment center help. Together you can find the right cocaine addiction treatment center and start rebuilding your lives after drug addiction.

Help for Cocaine Addiction in Caseyville, IL

At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, you or the person you love receive the help needed to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and start living a happier, healthier life. Cocaine brings a wide range of effects, such as loss of natural pleasure. So the road to sobriety is never easy. But through quality care you start feeling pleasure and hope from everyday life again, making the treatment process highly worthwhile.

Substance abuse treatment programs of Gateway Foundation Caseyville include:

  • Residential and PHP rehab programs
  • Withdrawal Management
  • CBT, MAT, ACT and trauma therapy
  • Certified Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • 12 Step Facilitation

Gateway Foundation provides the cocaine addiction treatment center residents need. Contact Gateway Foundation Caseyville now at 618.345.3970 to learn more about available programs and treatment. You can leave cocaine in your past. You just need to make this call and start receiving the help available to you.