therapist and client talking at a womens rehab programEveryone does not experience addiction in the same way. Therefore, it’s crucial to tailor treatment to your needs. Women deal with specific aspects of addiction due to sex, or biology and gender, or their culturally and socially-defined roles. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we understand women deal with specific conditions, so we offer our women’s rehab program. This is particularly important in light of NIDA’s survey results. The survey revealed that 19.5 million women 18 or older used an illicit drug in the past year. It also showed that the number of women abusing opioids at labor and delivery had quadrupled in the period 1999-2014.

At our Caseyville drug rehab center, our women’s drug rehab IL program provides treatment specializing on issues women face when they deal with addiction. Our facility, located in Southern Illinois, near St. Louis, offers an easily accessible space where you can focus on your recovery. As a facility focused on health, Caseyville also offers the opportunity to develop healthy habits. You can work out in our gymnasium, weight room, and outdoor basketball and sand volleyball courts. As part of our women’s rehab program, our therapists design a personalized treatment plan to fit your life, with consideration to your needs, goals, and background.

Our Women’s Rehab Program is Patient-Centered

At our women’s drug rehab center in Caseyville IL, our therapists create a treatment plan. This plan is focused on the severity of your addiction, your past life choices and your future goals. We offer residential and partial hospitalization programs with the added benefit of a community of women to support you. Because addiction affects women in particular ways, treatment for women has to consider this. Women who are addicted might experience issues related to menstruation, fertility, hormones, pregnancy, and menopause. Women also admit that they abuse drugs for particular reasons, such as weight control, mental health problems, or physical pain. Our women’s rehab program seeks to address these particular needs.

Women can experience addiction differently than men. They often use drugs differently as well, in smaller quantities, for example, before they develop an addiction. They might also be at higher risk for relapse and more sensitive to some drugs due to sex hormones. Being a woman may also put you at higher risk for overdosing and dying from drugs. Drugs can also affect your mental health differently if you are a woman, developing depression, anxiety or panic attacks.

Benefits of Women’s Drug Rehab IL

Getting help at our women’s rehab program provides you with the opportunity to be open in a safe environment. Being able to connect with women who have undergone similar experiences can also help you commit to your recovery. You learn from other women and receive their support and offer them yours. The program allows you all to grow together in the women’s drug rehab center in Caseyville IL. You also build relationships that become part of your support network for life.

Treatment Plans Created with Evidence-Based Services and Your Needs in Mind

At Caseyville’s women’s rehab program, our therapists create holistic treatment plans to heal the body, mind, and spirit. These plans incorporate a range of evidence-based services that have helped our patients over many years. These services include:

You can seek help in a safe environment that focuses on your particular needs as a woman. Through our women’s rehab program at Caseyville drug rehab center, you can access all the services you need. Call us today at [Direct] and take back control of your life.