At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we work hard to provide the necessary treatment options for our clients. One of the most effective programs we provide is through our Residential Addiction Treatment center. Offering a Residential program allows our clients to step away from their daily lives to place focus on their treatment and overall health.

Residential Treatment for Safety

a woman at a Residential addiction treatment centerMany struggling with addiction believe they can stop on their own without the help of professionals. They think that when they decide to end their substance use, they can quit cold-turkey. Not only is this thought process wrong, but it’s also dangerous.

Many substances make the body develop a dependence. When usage stops, the body goes through withdrawal as it removes the harsh substance from its system. While most symptoms of withdrawal are uncomfortable, some can become dangerous. When you stop using a substance like alcohol or opioids suddenly, the body can experience dangerous fevers, seizures, or worse. A Residential Addiction Treatment center can provide individuals with the constant medical care and supervision they need to stay safe during this process.

Benefits of a Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Residential Treatment presents clients with the chance to immerse themselves in their program and the recovery process. The ability to take a step away from everyday life can make a significant impact on an individual’s chances of maintaining a lasting recovery.

Remaining at our facility allows clients to focus on themselves. Instead of the distractions of their families or jobs, they can have the breathing room to focus on what they need for success. Being outside of the office allows the individual to sit with a therapist to find the root cause of their addiction. While at home they might be focusing on the lives of their loved ones, in the treatment they can turn their attention to learning coping skills.

A Residential Addiction Treatment center gives you the time and space you need to learn how to manage stress, cravings, and triggers after treatment. Building this foundation in treatment sets you up for success in recovery.

Why Choose a Women’s Facility

A women’s facility can provide a unique approach to treatment compared to other facilities. Men and women tend to have different experiences. A Residential Addiction Treatment center that specializes in women’s addiction will understand these unique experiences. They will be able to tailor treatment to each client without using methods that will waste time and be ineffective.

At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we offer a Residential Addiction Treatment program for women to help them reach recovery. We also provide detox and trauma services for those who are pregnant. In fact, Gateway Foundation Caseyville is one of the few facilities which provide such services.

The Help You Need at Gateway Foundation Caseyville

The addiction treatment staff at Gateway Foundation Caseyville understand how tough the first step towards recovery can be. We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for our clients as they begin their treatment. Our Residential Addiction Treatment center is here as you take your first step on your recovery journey. To start with our services, contact Gateway Foundation Caseyville now at 618.345.3970.