Addiction treatment comes in different levels. As you continue through the treatment process, you enter different levels of care. Without a full continuum of care, individuals won’t receive the help and support they need for a lasting recovery. One of the levels of care is a Partial Hospitalization Program.

Residential Treatment Isn’t Perfect for Everyone

man and woman discussing a Partial Hospitalization ProgramWhile Residential Treatment is often the beginning of treatment, it’s not the only option. Residential Treatment requires a substantial amount of time spent away from home and your daily responsibilities. For those who are unable to take the time away from their day to day lives, a Partial Hospitalization Program is the best first step on your recovery journey.

For others, a Residential program might be an unnecessary first step. Instead of entering a program that’s unsuitable for you, consider beginning with a PHP. A Partial Hospitalization Program is also a better option for those worrying about finances. A PHP tends to be less expensive than Residential Treatment while also allowing you to work. Maintaining a steady income while undergoing treatment can ease the financial burden some worry about after treatment.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP allows clients to participate in therapies and treatments without having to remain at the facility overnight. Those in a Partial Hospitalization Program take part in intensive therapy and treatment schedules to ensure they receive the support they need. However, after their sessions, they can return home to their responsibilities.

Typically, a day lasts between 8-10 hours, similar to a work day. However, hours can always be different depending on the facility. The structure of a PHP is to help patients stay on a routine to maintain their sobriety. For some, this is the next step on their journey, so structure and routine is key for success. To those beginning their journey, the rigorous schedule can help them focus on their healing.

A Partial Hospitalization Program tends to include services such as individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and even access to medical care if the client requires it. Clients tend to participate in therapy anywhere from three to five times a week. When you begin with a facility, team members will evaluate your situation and determine if a PHP will be a safe and effective option for your recovery journey.

Gateway Foundation Caseyville

Our Caseyville, IL facility provides a wide range of programs and therapies for clients ready to end the cycle of addiction. Along with our Partial Hospitalization Program, we also offer the following:

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