an alumni program session as part of an alumni support program Recovery does not end when you complete formal treatment for addiction. Just as addiction is a life-long disease, recovery continues throughout life, which is why an active alumni program is essential. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we offer support through your entire recovery process. From the moment you decide to seek help in our facility, through formal treatment, and when you become a part of our alumni community, you can count on our support. Our alumni support program provides constant opportunities to remain focused on your recovery and help others in similar journeys.

Gateway Foundation Caseyville offers treatment in a secluded environment that is, nonetheless, easily accessible. When you seek treatment at Caseyville, you can focus on recovery without distractions, while also maintaining focus on your complete health. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art gym, outdoor basketball, and sand volleyball courts and a health-centric focus. With our focus on individualized treatment focused on your needs, we also offer a separate gender program for women. We offer both residential and partial hospitalization programs. Substance abuse treatment in Illinois is holistic, focusing on healing the body, mind, and spirit.

The Importance of a Strong Recovery Community

Addiction recovery begins when you admit your addiction and make the decision to seek help. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we then start your process with withdrawal management and the design of an individualized treatment plan. Once you complete your formal treatment, however, you need to continue working on your recovery. This is when a strong recovery community with an alumni program plays a vital role. A strong recovery community means you keep in contact with many others who have undergone similar recovery processes and who are still focused on their own recovery. It can also be the connection you need for therapists who can help you when you are struggling in life. An alumni support program, such as the one at Caseyville, can help you overcome the challenges you will face when you return to regular life.

The Benefits of Our Alumni Program

An alumni support program extends the support system you depended on during formal treatment. When you return to your normal life, you might have friends and family who want to support you, but without completely understanding your journey, they might struggle to do so. Additionally, you might also struggle with loneliness, as former friends might no longer be around since you are no longer using drugs. Our alumni program provides the support that is so central to continuing recovery. When you are part of Caseyville’s recovery community, you can lead support groups, plan and host events for the community and mentor new patients to Caseyville. Sharing with others who are going through similar journeys can keep you motivated to focus on your own recovery.

Services That Lead to Successful Recovery

Besides our alumni program, we offer many addiction therapy services. These are evidence-based services that Gateway Foundation has used for many years to help patients overcome addiction. With 50 years offering addiction medicine and helping over a million patients, we pride ourselves in our compassionate, understanding treatment. Our staff is always ready to offer support, even after you complete your treatment, through our alumni support program. During treatment, you benefit from services such as:

If you want to live a clean, healthy life, with constant support, you need treatment in a facility with a strong alumni program. Caseyville can offer you constant support and guidance, so you can live a healthy life. Call us today at [Direct] and change your life around.