For some individuals, the most daunting part of treatment isn’t starting it, but life afterward. Independence after treatment can be the most challenging aspect of the experience and is often where people falter in their recovery journey. A lack of support tends to be a significant factor in missteps after treatment. An addiction Recovery Community helps the alumni of Gateway Foundation Caseyville stay on the right path after treatment.

The Support You Need

members of an addiction Recovery CommunityWhen you’re in treatment, you’re surrounding yourself with individuals who offer support, care, and encouragement. Medical professionals monitor your health and determine what medications you might need, if any. Therapists and counselors help you learn coping skills while also learning more about yourself and your addiction. Those surrounding you understand your struggles and experiences while they empathize with your emotions.

When you reintegrate yourself back into your normal life, you lack this essential support. While friends and family may try to support you, they don’t always know how to do so successfully. There’s often a disconnect, and the support might fall flat. Other times, an individual loses friends after treatment because they’re no longer using and running in the same crowd as before. No matter the situation, support can be minimal, which leaves those in recovery vulnerable to relapse.

An addiction Recovery Community can provide the support system you need after treatment. Gateway Foundation Caseyville alumni understand what you’ve experienced and what faces you now that treatment is over. Your peers can help you navigate life in recovery in ways that others can’t. The community also tends to hold events to help alumni connect and build essential bonds for sobriety.

Finding your Purpose in Your Addiction Recovery Community

One way to help reduce the chances of relapse is to involve yourself in your addiction Recovery Community. Participating in events and attending meetings are great ways to grow your support system and stay active in your recovery journey.

If you’re searching for a purpose after treatment, consider doing the following along with attending meetings and events:

  • Host a get together with others in the Recovery Community
  • Help in the planning of an alumni event
  • Volunteer to work at an alumni event
  • Mentor new clients at Gateway Foundation Caseyville

You can also look outside of your addiction Recovery Community for volunteer opportunities. Giving back is a great way to find fulfillment in life without turning back to substance abuse.

Your Journey Begins at Gateway Foundation Caseyville

Gateway Foundation Caseyville is here to provide Illinois residents and the surrounding communities with the help they need for lasting recovery. The facility offers the therapies and programs necessary to promote healing and recovery for those who need it. Our addiction treatment staff have the education and training necessary to provide safe and effective services for each client we treat. Our programs and therapies include the following:

Whether you’re ready to take your first step or you’re prepared to live an independent life free of addiction, Gateway Foundation Caseyville is here for you. To learn more about our addiction Recovery Community, reach out today by calling us at 618.345.3970.