If you are seeking help to overcome an addiction, you want a treatment center that offers quality, evidence-based services. But you also want a center that provides recreational therapy, so you heal your body, mind, and spirit. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, we believe that addiction is a disease you will deal with for your whole life. We also believe in holistic addiction medicine that provides traditional services while also offering a recreational therapy program.

The Benefits of Recreational Therapy

man and therapist during a recreational therapy programYou might wonder what recreational therapy is and how it is beneficial to your treatment. This type of therapy is a treatment that targets social, physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of your development. This is particularly important as addiction often separates you from others and pushes you to avoid activities you once enjoyed.

In Caseyville’s recreational therapy program, you participate in a variety of recreational activities. These activities can help lower your levels of stress and improve your mood and depression. Many of the activities include group situations, where you also practice and develop your social skills. Another benefit of recreational therapy is that it can be one of the tools you can use to prevent relapse. These types of therapies include yoga and meditation classes, athletic activities, and sober events and activities. Finally, this therapy also promotes developing healthy habits and hobbies, which can become an important part of your life.

The Caseyville Experience

Addiction treatment at Caseyville, with its traditional services and recreational therapy program, is the right choice for recovery. Our facilities are a safe space to work on overcoming addiction. From withdrawal management, through treatment and beyond, you can count on constant support and encouragement.

We offer residential and partial hospitalization treatment, both of which provide particular benefits. In residential treatment, you work on your recovery without disruptions while having on-going access to our medical professionals. If you have work, school or family responsibilities, you can access help through our partial hospitalization program. In PHP, you take part in daily therapy and services, but you get to go home at the end of each day. In both options, you have a quality individual therapy program as the base for treatment.

We are a person-centered treatment center offering addiction therapy services so our treatment plans are individualized to fit your needs. As well, we understand the important role family can play in recovery. To address this, we encourage family therapy that focuses on healing damaged relationships and building your support network. Since finances can be a concern when considering treatment, we try to make it easy for you to seek help. With that in mind, we accept in and out of network insurance coverage and offer financing.

An Individualized Treatment Plan

Because we want to give you the best chance at success, our staff works together to create your treatment plan. Treatment includes evidenced-based therapies and our recreational therapy program. Through this combination, you learn to identify the factors that might have caused your addiction. You also get tools to cope with stress and to face challenging situations that might pop up in your life. Our goal is to empower you so you can be ready to face the world without returning to old escape habits. Our range of services include:

Our recreational therapy adds another layer to your recovery. Since you work on helpful aspects of life, you can continue to participate in these activities after treatment.

Turn the tables on addiction by using evidenced-based services and recreational therapy offered by our Caseyville facility. Call us today at 618.345.3970 to begin this new chapter in your life.