therapist explaining Motivational Interviewing Therapy to her client One of the obstacles patients struggling with addiction often face is resistance or ambivalence when it comes to change. However, accepting and embracing change is one of the core aspects of long-term recovery. Motivational Interviewing Therapy is a treatment that encourages you to explore ways to change so you can commit to recovery. This commitment is the first step in creating a better future. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, this is one of the therapies we use to help you overcome addiction. Our addiction treatment staff of compassionate, understanding medical professionals provides support and guidance throughout your recovery process.

Caseyville is located in Southern Illinois, close to St. Louis, providing a safe space for recovery in a secluded location. At Caseyville, you can work on healing your body, mind, and spirit through our evidence-based, time-tested services. Another way to heal is by using our amenities including a state-of-the-art gymnasium and outdoor basketball and sand volleyball courts. You focus on developing healthy habits while learning tools to cope with situations you will face once you return home. At Caseyville, we offer residential and partial hospitalization programs, as well as a separate gender program for women. Our services begin with withdrawal management and continue with our alumni program, where you can find support once you complete your formal rehab program.

How Does Motivational Interviewing Therapy Work?

Motivational Interviewing Therapy is an excellent therapy for all patients dealing with addiction. However, it is particularly beneficial for those who are not sure about or committed to treatment. In some cases, it increases the likelihood that the patient stays in treatment during the first month. According to NIDA, using MI at the beginning and end of an assessment interview showed that patients completed more therapy sessions than others during the first month of therapy. MI works by getting you engaged and involved in your own recovery and life plans. Therapists encourage you to make concrete life plans and take the steps to fulfill them.

Benefits of Motivational Interviewing

As mentioned before, one of the obstacles often faced by people when it comes to addiction is resistance or ambivalence when it comes to change. Through Motivational Interviewing Therapy, you learn to focus on positive aspects of life and change. This can include the financial stability that might result from quitting the use of drugs or alcohol. Another benefit of MI is that you are able to repair old, damaged relationships and build new ones. As well, you learn to make clear plans and commit to them. This is a tool which can serve you in your life when you return to normal day-to-day matters. As part of MI, you must be specific about your plans, since therapists will ask you to explain step-by-step how you plan to reach your goals.

Caseyville’s Holistic Treatment Can Help You Succeed

At Caseyville, we offer a wide range of therapies, including Motivational Interviewing Therapy, to help you become strong, independent, and focused. Therapists work with you to design a personalized treatment plan that considers your needs and goals. Our addiction therapy services help you achieve your goals and overcome addiction. Our services include:

Since Gateway Foundation Caseyville is a not-for-profit facility, our goal is to ensure you have access to the recovery services you need. We also understand finances can be a big concern, so we accept in and out of network insurance payments and offer financing options as well.

When you are ready to make a change and work towards a better future, Motivational Interviewing Therapy can help you get there. Call us today at [Direct] and commit to a better, healthier life.