Ending your addiction is a life-changing decision. Of course, detox is your first step into recovery and a hopeful end to your daily physical battle with drugs or alcohol. Your psychological battle with your substances takes longer for healing and requires lifelong self-care. But that second stage starts in rehab treatment, through therapies such as those of your individual therapy program.

Why Do You Need an Individual Therapy Program?

woman and her counselor in her individual therapy programSelf-awareness plays a big role in your addiction recovery. You must also learn more about your personal behavioral patterns, thinking patterns and ways of coping with your life struggles. All of this awareness and learning comes from an individual therapy program. Your individual counseling also helps you develop coping skills to prevent relapse.

At the same time, your individual therapy program helps you treat your other mental conditions, those co-occurring with your substance abuse. By going through individual counseling and other addictive therapy services, you strengthen in recovery. You use your learned skills to build the life you really want, one of health and happiness.

Individual therapy program treatment helps you overcome triggers and temptations often leading to substance abuse. These include daily stress, major life stress, environmental cues, and negative social connections. Together, your triggers create cravings and other urges toward relapse. It is in individual therapy that you learn how to cope in your life, escaping cravings and maintaining your sobriety.

Your individual therapy program is not just standard one-on-one talk therapy. Today’s addiction therapy services provide a vast range of therapies in an individual setting. These include:

You receive these important therapies as part of your own individual and group therapy program at a licensed and accredited rehab center. You gain an individualized treatment plan mixing these methods with group therapies and family therapies, as well as support groups and other types of treatment.

Is Individual Therapy Better Than Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

Any therapy in rehab treatment or an outpatient program is better than no therapy, at all. But individual and group therapies are the two ideal forms for your best chance of lasting recovery. Individual and group methods vary from each other. Each fills gaps in the other type, making the two form a quality program as a “mix.”

In group therapy, you gain feedback, support and even challenging from your peers in recovery. They know your ways and means of substance abuse, the tricks, and tactics you use to keep getting high. This is different than someone who does not have experience with addiction. So being in group therapy is much like holding a mirror to yourself to see what you do to yourself and those around you in addiction.

Talk therapy, on the other hand, dives more deeply into personal subjects and needs. These are issues you do not focus on in a group setting, those requiring extra work with your one-on-one counselor. If your group sessions bring up subjects that you need to discuss further, you take that subject to your talk therapy and expand on it there.

Finding the Right Therapies for Your Treatment Plan

In Illinois, your addiction treatment counselors work to develop your own ideal treatment plan. At Gateway Foundation Caseyville, you gain this place as your guide to lasting recovery. Gateway Foundation nonprofit rehab treatment includes all of the listed therapies, above. In Caseyville, you also gain a balanced mix or other support, care and treatments, including:

  • Certified Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment
  • Residential Rehab or PHP Treatment
  • Withdrawal Management
  • 12-Step Facilitation
  • Individual, group and family therapies

For your own recovery or that of a loved one, contact Gateway Foundation Caseyville now at 618.319.7574. Through your group and individual therapy program, you can build the life you want in recovery.